How to add or edit Tax rates?

To add or edit tax rates go to Accounting ---> Tax Rates Page
The tax values are taken as percentage. If you enter 2, it is considered as 2%. You can combine up to 4  different type of tax in one Tax Slab. 
For example, If you want to pay 6% tax to local government and 5% tax to the national government, you can enter value as 6 in the Tax 1 box and 5 in the Tax 2 box. The total tax will be 6% + 5% = 11% . At the time of viewing tax reports you will be able to see the total amount of tax in the Tax 1 and Tax 2 category separately. 
In TowerBee, you can have up to 4 different values in a single tax which can be entered in Tax 1, Tax 2, Tax 3, Tax 4 boxes.

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