How to use BARCODE for items?

When you add a new Batch, the BARCODE and QR Code is automatically created by TowerBee for all the units of the item.
Example, you added a batch with 500 PCS of Shirts. The Barcode and QR code will be generated for every singly piece of the Shirt. A total of 500 Barcodes and 500 QR codes will be created.
You can print and stick the Barcode or the QR code to individual units of the item which will help you to identify the item easily at the time of creating Sales Order.
You can simply scan the barcode or QR code using any barcode scanner and the item will automatically be added to the cart at the time of creating Sales Order.
Note: You can also use the barcode of the item, in case the item already has one or you can even use any other barcode of your choice. There is a separate field to enter the barcode of your choice in case you do not want to use the Barcode  created by TowerBee. 

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